A Little Rant

So I woke up this morning in a panic realizing that I hadn’t blogged in FOREVER.

Just wanted to put a short one out about the tragedy unfolding in Japan.

First of all, our family and friends are all doing well. As long as the winds don’t shift everyone should remain well.

As I watch this play out, all I can think of is how mad I am at our useless media. Is there any reason that every person from every network needs to be physically in Japan at this time? This is a country groaning under the stress of a natural disaster beyond comprehension and these idiots strain resources more by showing up.

These people all need to be fed by a system that can’t keep food on store shelves for their terrified citizens. These people all need hotel rooms that could be used for survivors with no where to go. But no…let’s make sure Anderson Cooper gets his stand up in front of a decimated village. Like they couldn’t just f*cking green screen him? Would we really care? No, we wouldn’t.

We watched one knucklehead walk atop the rubble of a seaside village. So, when he falls into a crevasse in the shifting debris are the Japanese rescuers required to save his grandstanding ass? Or can they just leave him there as warning to any reporters that follow?

Real shit needs to get accomplished. But how many hours are wasted giving the media tours of “effected areas”? How many people have had to wait for medical treatment while a reporter gets his interview with the doctors at a front line hospital? “Could those guys search those houses again so I can get the shot from this angle?”

Have I been watching any of this reporting? Sure. Could this reporting have been done by the extensive media presence that existed in Japan before the disaster? OF COURSE. Some quality translators go a long way. But God forbid Nightline not be live from the scene. They would look like pussies. Hell, if Amanpur gets to be there so do I!!

If any of this reporting appeared to be anything other than sensationalistic crap I might not mind so much. But it is all sensationalistic crap. Any real information I’ve gotten came from the BBC. American media is like the TMZ of world journalism. Omg.

There, rant over.

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