Warrior 103

How do you feel about cargo nets?

Cargo Nets: obstacle number 3 in the upcoming Warrior Dash. How can I possibly prepare for this? I would never be allowed to construct one of these in the backyard, and I can’t think of anywhere that has one of these bad boys.

The health benefits:

Climbing a cargo net can improve the strength of all the pulling muscles of the body, including the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, biceps, abdominal muscles and even the gripping muscles of the forearms.

Therefore I can assume that those are the muscles you can pull/strain/tear while attempting such an obstacle. I had no idea where most of the muscles are, so I looked them up:

that big one under the armpit is the latissimus dorsi.

Rhomboids are the ones that I’m always messing up putting the Christmas lights on the big tree every year.

You may be asking “I know how to work on my biceps and abs, but how the hell do I work on those latin-named thingies and my forearm gripping muscles?” Good question.

Here are the exercises I found:

I don’t know how many of these exercises I will do, but I can pretty much guarantee, barring some kind of fantastic accidental fall, I won’t be dismounting in this fashion:

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