Mariners’ Opener

Wow, being the first base coach is hell on my photographic responsibilities. I don’t have a single picture from our opening tball game! But can I just tell you how fun being the first base coach is? We have two true rookies this year, and both of them made it safely to first on their premier at bats. The smiles on those faces!! Well, I wished I had my camera!

My Rookie did very well. He hit safely three times, never got passed by Larry (who bats behind him and runs faster than Marion Brooks) on the bases, and made a spectacular play at second. Alright, he basically fielded a grounder and threw the runner out at first, but to me, it was amazing!

Offensively, we were on fire. There were some minor base running mistakes, but who wouldn’t be a little rusty after a year off? Normally I would blame the base Coaches, but seeing as how they refuse to listen to us yet…

Most impressive was the double play. Yes, I said double play. Our short stop caught an infield fly and we doubled up one of the base runners. Truth be told we could have gotten a triple play out of it, but we don’t play that way (not yet, anyway).

If it doesn’t rain buckets this weekend we should have the Big Boys’ opener as well. Fingers crossed…

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