Jumping off the Cliff

I have been working on the NaNoWriMo revisions like a mad woman (ask my poor, lonely DH). The problem is, that I can’t even really read it anymore. My mind reads what I think is supposed to be there. Also, I am sick to death of it.

So, in a giant leap of faith, I am posting the first chapter here. If you look up at the tabs on the top of the header picture, there is one labeled “Novel?”. Click on that baby and you will see before you the first 14 or so pages.

I have heard that you have the first ten pages to really hook somone (would love it if someone would remind most present day authors of that little fact), and I am a little wordy, so my first chapter is a tad long.

Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. This includes anything about  typos, repeated words, or “she” where I meant “he” and so on and so forth.

If you hate it, I’m sorry. Well, not really. If you like it, please let me know, cause honestly I could use the encouragement right about now.

If enough people seem interested, I’ll keep putting chapters up until you say “Alright, Sarah, we’ve had enough!”

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