Warrior Results

I didn’t finish.
Let me clarify: I didn’t go.
Only Disney Debbie and Marathon Melissa took part in the “Craziest Frickin’ Day of Your Life”. The rest of us were at the Mariners’ playoff game.
It was tough seeing my neighbor take off towards muddy glory that morning. I wanted so badly to run that race!
But there are things you just don’t miss if you can help it. My final ever Mariner game won out over cargo nets and jumping over fire.
Our little men in blue managed to pull off the upset, winnning their second playoff game ever. I was so proud I thought I might actually explode.
Later in the day my Warrior friends brought me a tshirt, my fuzzy Viking hat, and a finisher’s medal they found lying in the mud.
I love my friends and I love that crazy little tball team.
Next year I do the race in the fall!

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