In the interest of equal time, it is time to talk about the baseball season for the Big Boys.

I can’t lie, this will not be as good a post as my wrap up of our time with the Mariners. I have no great personal attachment to the Greenline Wheels. The parents were nice and we all got along, but we didn’t hang, and the adult refreshments didn’t go down quite as smooth. It was no one’s fault. As my fellow Mariner parents are learning this travel season, pitch ball just isn’t the same.

J and O put up good seasons. J managed two home runs this year. He got to touch ’em all during the AL Championship Game, earning him the game ball. There were times on the pitcher’s mound (his favorite position), but also turns at first and second, and some time in the outfield.

O, with the smallest strike zone in history, learned not to swing over his head and put up some nice numbers. He walked, but he also got some really solid hits. He rode the outfield a fair amount (he was the youngest boy on the team), but he also got a few turns at catcher, his FAVORITE position.

My favorite were the few times J would pitch and O would catch. You could have lit the field with my smile.

The team was a bit stacked, and we went 22-0. They liked getting the big trophy and being on a winning team. They learned a lot about baseball. And I hope they had enough fun to want to play again next year.

It is with great pride that I present to you…

The Undefeated Season

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