Why I wear a bra to bed

I have been awful about blogging in general, and I will never forgive myself for being so late on episodes one and two of this season’s Project Runway.

The problem at this point in the season there are just too many flipping designers. I don’t care about any of them yet, and while Olivier is so cute I feel an overwhelming urge to cook him brownies and send him care packages, I’m not convinced who to route for yet.

The Old Guy was my favorite until he started singing about having immunity. “I don’t make costumes.” Full of yourself much? You’d better learn ’cause this week involves stilts.

I can’t remember anyone else’s names. There is the mean chick with the horse teeth who they haven’t even bothered to feature yet. There’s Miss TnT who is GORGEOUS but I fear pulling everyone’s leg with her assertion that she just learned how to sew (Tim is onto you, sweetheart). There’s the “more is better” dude that is a dead ringer for George Michael, the “rockin’ 1” guy working the cancer survivor angle, and the girl wishes she was the Criminal Minds hacker chick. After that they all blend together.

I don’t even remember who got the first auf. Oh, wait, my sister informs me that it was the Dude who was more worried about his nasty hair making it on camera than winning a challenge: Raphael. Priorities, son, priorities.

Last week we lost the snoozy Mormon. It’s always the timid that hit the bricks after the unconventional materials challenge. Tim even warned them not to choose anything too fabric-y. But he chose fabric over pee-pee pads and got sent home. We almost lost the cute as a button pixie girl whose hair I covet, so I was happy to see him go.

Tim is resplendent as always. Heidi is, well, Heidi. Loved her green dress on the first episode, hated the bright bright lipstick on the second one. The Duchess and Nina are still annoying and moderately wrong, but they haven’t made any jaw-droppers yet. Give them time, the season is still young.

Hopefully I will not pen my next review from the pool, so I can include some pix and more in depth analysis. It’s hard to be too b*tchy when you’re worried about the Great Whites burning (for those not in the know those are my legs, and giant thanks to Wifey-poo for sharing that term with me, so perfect and giggle-inducing)

Tonight they are having the first-ever outdoor runway show (do we care?) and they teased a performer in stilts. Talk about playing with proportions! I have to admit a certain evil glee at the thought of our first team challenge (remember Gretchen and the ensuing Tim Gunn meltdown?), but stilts?! groan and eyeroll

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