Could They Possibly Be THIS Stupid?

Yes, apparently they can.

I read a very interesting article about how some in Congress were complaining about their salaries.

sorry….the laughter…the tears…sorry…

Just when you think they couldn’t possibly do anything more stupid. You really think, Congress, that after using the debt ceiling and the threat of shutting down the country over partisan bull you deserve better pay? You think that putting off any possible real reforms or legislation so that they won’t diminish your electability is doing your job? Do you think that people like you in any other industry would be retained, let alone be allowed to complain about their take-home?

They complain that they are living paycheck to paycheck. Welcome to the f*cking club! This country is suffering. People are losing their jobs, their homes, their communities, and you don’t think you make that much?

The Representative that really stuck in my craw was Steve Southerland, from the great State of Florida. He says that the $174,000 he brings home really isn’t much considering:

  • He can no longer run his family’s business
  • He is separated for long periods from his family
  • And, as he says, they get shot at.

Well then, Congressman, I would think that our men and women in uniform should be making at least as much as you are per year, since when you described what you have to put up with for your job, their situations came leaping to mind. And, no disrespect, but when was the last time you were actually shot at? Seriously. While it is true people in power are often targets for crime (Representative Giffords for example), it is not a daily occurance. Dudes in Afganistan get shot at, Sir. They get shot at and blown up everyday, while not tending to their family businesses and spending sometimes years at a time away from their families.

So, if they think they derserve more, that’s fine. But I will expect the military on active duty to get at least the same. An E-9 with 26 years experience makes significantly less than you, Rep. Southerland. How long have you been in Congress? Oh, yes, you are a freshman. That means one year. I don’t know many people that made that much their first year in a new job.

Working on behalf of the people of this country was never supposed to be a way you made a living. You were supposed to volunteer to serve your country out of a sense of duty, of pride, of obligation, not because the health plan is so good. Perhaps y’all could ask for raises after you stop just doing what it takes to get re-elected and actually grow some balls and take on the structural reforms that are the only thing that will save this economy and this country. But no one gets elected making the hard choices, and what’s the point of serving your country if you can’t get re-elected?

I am not of one party or the other. The fact that this witless idiot is a Republican doesn’t matter to me in the least. Democrats are quoted in the article as well grousing about how they couldn’t afford to lose their government paycheck.

I just cannot believe that our elected officials are this STUPID! It never says that they are tabling a Congressional pay-raise, but shame on them for even complaining about their salaries. Shame on them.

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