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I have decided not to honor that pile of drivel they call an episode with a real post. Nina and Heidi back to back? Is this a joke?

I already have forgotten everything but the drama…Josh belittling the Hacker (just for the record, Josh, just because someone doesn’t use rhinestones does not mean that they design dowdy clothes). Then there was the ever insufferable Bert the Jerk laughing with glee when Rockin’ One and Runway Barbie were being criticized. I would say they are giving him the villain edit, but I highly doubt he’s giving them much else to work with. He has elevated the hissy fit to an art form.

I don’t remember the top and bottom because when they do sportswear we all lose. I don’t remember who won or lost, because this season is quickly boring the will to accessorize right outta me. Mean girl was so bored she went home. I don’t remember the tease for this week because I still can’t get past Tim Gunn in jeans and trainers.

I have little hope that this week will redeem this season. But hope springs eternal. They’d better step up their game. Dancing with the Stars starts in a few weeks and with no Louis it just might steal my attentions away.

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