I’m Trying

I haven’t blogged about PR in a while. It isn’t that I don’t care…alright, maybe it is that I don’t care. I wish I had the time to throw a bunch of pictures up and get my snark on, but I don’t. I have a cake to finish and a house to go see (don’t ask), so if you want something before this week’s episode airs, this is all I’ve got.

There is nothing worse than the “real women” challenge. They do nothing but bitch and moan about how hard it is to design for women with boobs (cough…cough…OLIVER). Of course this time we had the pleasure of listening to the creepy husband gush about his wife’s cleavage. That was certainly more disturbing than the men answering questions about what their wives like to wear.

“Would she wear blue or pink?”


Normally I complain that these designers should get a grip on curves, since 99% of the people they are gonna design for will have them. But this year I decided that this is the reason I can never find pants that fit and move on.

Here’s the long and the short of it…

After being robbed in the last challenge, Victor got robbed again. While I wouldn’t necessarily wear the separates he made they were perfect for his client and showed him as a designer. Smooth Josh got the win, and no matter how much I love that dress and would wear it especially since he didn’t bedazzle it, I still think he didn’t “enough” for me. A sinful little black dress, but a little black dress nonetheless.

Bryce went home after putting a Pepto dress with pockets I could carry the children in down the runway. The lady may have loved it, but she shouldn’t have. Rockin’ One was in the bottom even though I thought his color block dress was sweet and remarkably wearable. Bert was swirling the toilet again after yet another little dress. This one was poorly made and something I’m sure some of the girls will be wearing this week at the local high school’s Homecoming Dance. He did make his client happy, though, by putting the twins out on display.

There was another discussion about bra v. braless. I don’t care what anyone tells you, after a certain age you just don’t want the girls allowed to wander around without supervision: think Googley Eyes. Thank God for miracles of modern chemistry, a.k.a. wardrobe tape and press-on boobs.

In their quest to create any sort of tension that would make us bother to tune in, they are doing yet another flipping group challenge this week. I hope Oliver ends up with Bert. I hope something happens to make me care about any of these people. I know, I know…I’m an eternal optimist.

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