What do you wish for?

Merry Christmas Season Everyone.

I have been a seriously bad blogger. I hope in the spirit of the season you can forgive me.

I am finding it hard to get my Christmas on. I have put up the tree (A real one for the first time in a decade. It promptly fell over in the middle of the night.), brought the plastic boxes full of decorations up from the basement, and gone through the light strands one by tangled one. I bought the Christmas cards and got a start on the presents. Still, I can’t enjoy the dulcet tones of Bing singing White Christmas. I haven’t watched a single movie.

I might blame the fact that my sister and I no longer talk everyday. This might not make sense, but it would if you had any clue the startling amount we used to discuss the Fat Man Holiday. It was, truth be told, a little scary. But all that talk would get us all revved up and we would hit the day after Thanksgiving with our wheels spinning right out of the gate. Now…not so much.

The fact that most places have gone to putting up the garlands and tinsel the day after Halloween doesn’t help either. Is it really possible to be burnt out on Christmas before Thanksgiving?

The commercialism of the Holiday doesn’t bother me too much. It is what we make of it. You don’t want to decorate your yard with inflatables, don’t. You don’t want Christmas plates, alright. Sure, it might be harder to handle the kids, but that’s our job. Haven’t we all gotten pretty good at saying “no” and meaning it?

Commercialization is partly what I love about Christmas. I love that it is everywhere, even if I wish it was everywhere a little later. There isn’t a single person that can escape this experience (sorry to those that would prefer to escape).

Instead of bashing corporate America for messing up a lovely holiday about family, I’m going to celebrate the best bits of it. Welcome to the Christmas Countdown, Best Christmas Commercials edition!

Advertisements can play as big a role in setting the seasonal mood as movies or music. Doing some research for this post, I have stumbled across a lot of ads that throw me right back to the frenzy of my childhood…watching the old tv, carefully crafting my list for Santa. I hope they bring back good memories for you too.


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