Once Again into the Fray

A New Year. Time for reflection as well as looking forward.

I have a list of resolutions, but first, I have to mention something that stuck in my craw from last year:

Jennifer Aniston was voted “Most Beautiful Woman of All Time”. Wait, what? Who? Not to take away anything from Ms Aniston, but WTF?!?!? First of all, Jen had a nose job. Would she be the most beautiful woman with her original nose? She shouldn’t be eligible. Second of all, have these people never seen Lauren Bacall? Elizabeth Taylor? Audrey Hepburn? Seriously? The Most Beautiful Woman of All Time is

Grace Kelly. You don’t agree, you are wrong. Nuf said.

On to the useless list of resolutions that we all make just so we can all feel bad about ourselves later in the year for accomplishing nothing on it:

  1. Eat better. Doubtful I could eat any worse, so there’s hope on this one.
  2. Finish the revisions on the damn Novel. I’m under no illusions that I will ever think it’s “finished”, so hoping to get the friends and family edit in the bag.
  3. Blog more regularly. Last year I was so slackey. My apologies.
  4. Beat Melissa at Words With Friends

It’s not a lot, but I figure if I keep it manageable, I might have a shot.

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