Kung Hei Fat Choi

Happy Chinese New Year, Everyone!

Some updates:

  • I finally beat Melissa in Words With Friends. Now I need to work on beating Aunt Pam.
  • I made it through my second Derby Lite, and I didn’t fall even once. Still mulling over Derby names…
  • The boys are in love with the snazzy toilet at the Kohler store and are saving their money for the one with the heated seat, deoderizer, led lighting and no-slam seat. Honestly, so am I.
  • Baseball sign ups are upon us and the Rookie has decided to officially retire. Spring soccer for that one this year. 😦
  • Pinterest.com is sucking up all of my free time. Check it out and you will see why.
  • I am watching Project Runway All Stars. I can’t decide if I like knowing all the people already, or if I wish there was some mystery. Mostly I just wish for Tim Gunn.

I might try to make fish balls for Chinese Hot Pot today…I’ll post about it if I do.

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