Nothing’s New

Well, if my life was half as interesting as I’d like to think, I would have something to write about. Seeing as how I don’t, I thought I would just shoot the shit for a minute or two.

The boys have started piano lessons, which would be fine if I didn’t have to try to get them to practice. I have explained to the new tinklers-of-the-ivories that if they don’t practice, I will no longer pay for lessons. The Rookie has had a string of excuses already, my favorite being when he explained that his thumbs hurt. How exactly do your thumbs hurt? In the end, they will be the ones that have to listen to the disappointed clucks of their lovely instructor, not me. The O man seems to be a little more motivated, but not by much. Mostly I remind them that their Aunty has a recording studio in the backyard, and if they want to make records someday they have to learn how to play an instrument.

Derby is going well. I am falling less, though the other day I did have my helmet on backwards. There is part of me that would love to skip it, but I always have fun when I go. We did this thing called “shopping carts and rickshaws” or something like that. It boils down to you either push, or are pushed…pull or are pulled. I loved being pushed. I was with a girl far more experienced than I and she could go very fast. That was awesome. Still haven’t taken a name yet, nor have I bought any fishnet stockings. You all know how much I love a good costume, so you can see how my lack of skating acumen weighs on me. Queen B tells me not to worry about it. I don’t feel I’m kick ass enough yet.

It’s party season again at the Terrors’ school.  They are having a Red Carpet party in February, and I will be helping out with a Luau/Pig Roast in June. Trying to decide what to wear to the Oscar party. I have the Mao dress, which I never get to wear, but is not horribly flattering. I have a dress that I could “flapper” up, to be in costume a la The Artist. Or I could wear my yellow strapless. If I thought there was a prayer I would fit into my Cheongsam I might also put that on the table. I think my tall skinny friend would look amazing in it, so maybe I’ll save that for her.

For once I have seen more than one of the Oscar nominated movies this year. I’ve seen Moneyball, Bridesmaids, and The Artist (which I HIGHLY recommend). Hoping to get The Help in under the wire as well. It’s a far cry from my youth, when I would have seen all of them, but I’ll take improvement where I can.

Aunt Pam is still kicking my ass at Words with Friends. grumble grumble.

Well, that’s the roller coaster of excitement that is my life.


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