A Little Bit Country…

  • Going to run out to some Organic Chicken places today to see about fresh eggs. Since I have to drive 9 miles to go grocery shopping anyway, I figure it isn’t too much effort to find a nice farm somewhere. Minimal research has yielded 4 farms close by. There is even a place where you can by a herd share, which is you give them $50 per month and you get 2-3 gallons of milk a week. You have to go to the farm and bring your own glass bottles, but doesn’t that sound awesome? “Going to the farm to pick up the milk, sweetie.” We won’t do this, because it is whole milk and I drink enough milk that my waistline could never handle whole milk, but I love the fact that I could.
  • This whole “Quasi-country” thing is pretty cool. Everyone with a pole barn and an industrial freezer will process meat (aka deer) for you. This means that a few of these places stay open all year round, selling locally raised pork and beef. Now, whether or not I would trust said places…not so sure yet. But the locals have their favorites, so we might try a few.
  • I drove the back way to my parents not too long ago and enjoyed seeing the plethora of home made signs advertising things like Fresh Eggs, Natural Honey, Pumpkins and Gourds and many other small stands that sold whatever people had extra of that they had grown in their gardens. Most of them are unmanned, with a little locked box or jelly jar on the counter for you to drop the money when you take your tomatoes. The fact that someone doesn’t just drive up and dump the whole stand in the trunk makes me smile. People steal the plants in Chicago…
  • An emergency vehicle came screaming up behind the stopped school bus this morning. I held the kids from crossing the road, sure that this guy would go around the bus, taking the Terrors out in the process. Instead, he came up behind the bus, stopped, turned off his siren, and waited for the boys to cross. The bus retracted its stop sign…the lights and siren went back on, the bus pulled to the shoulder, and the emergency vehicle sped around the bus and on its way. Seriously?
  • I can’t believe I am worried about my punch list getting done. You know why? Because we are screaming towards deer season (gun) and Rock Star Contractors are serious hunters. Bow season is open now, and they are showing up later and later at the Garage-Mahal they are building down the street (over 3,000 square feet of garage space…holy cow). I have faith though…at some point they’ll bag their limit.


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