This house…

…is kicking my ass.

You would think buying a new house would eliminate most of the butt-whooping from purchasing a home, but, nope, no such luck.

The DH and I have been humping on this bonus room, and I still don’t think it will be done in time for Thanksgiving. I have clothes I can no longer wear, because there is so much residual fiberglass insulation in them that they make me itch just looking at them. I don’t know that I will ever be able to enjoy that room, I cringe getting near it right now. I don’t think it would have been so bad if we hadn’t put ourselves on this deadline. It’s no one’s fault, holidays happen. And if I’m going to wait for the house to be done before we invite anyone up I’ll be long forgotten before I send out the evites. So we keep plugging away.

I have all the trim painted and ready, but the drywall guys are dragging their feet. I can’t hang the trim until they finish the mudding and taping but the carpet is coming on Tuesday so I have to get it in by then which means I have to prime and paint the walls before the trim before the carpet and are you now as tired as I am???

Things were further complicated by the arrival of the cement guys today. They are putting in a front walk and a pad down by the walk out basement doors. I don’t really want the pad, but I know I don’t have the will to lay pavers, so we’re getting a pad. I told the Dudes where to put the walk way and then made them change it. I still don’t know if I put it in the right place.  I’m concerned that the DH won’t agree with where I’ve laid it out, but he is out hunting with friends, so I guess he doesn’t get a vote. What I find hilarious is that the cement Dude was told that he had to discuss the placement with me, because the DH figured I’d feel strongly about it. Of course, I could really care less, and I’m all stressed out that he won’t like it. I think we need to communicate better… Every decision seems to take on a “you’d better get this right or you will regret it forever” kind of tone to it. My stomach is all knotty and I’m sleepwalking like crazy. Poor DH, he hates it when I sleepwalk…

But at least the sidewalk is getting done. I am, in all honesty, shocked that the cement guys are even here. Gun season opens tomorrow, a de facto bank holiday in this here state. I envision the cement Dudes all hunkering down on their deer leases tomorrow. I suppose there is time for them to hunt in the morning and make it to the house in the afternoon, but even though the forms are up, we might not have actual cement until after the holiday.

I have been told that we will wake up tomorrow to the music of gunfire as the entire state unloads into unsuspecting white tails. Should be an interesting experience. I have already occasionally woken up to gunfire as people took an odd shot at a coyote or the occasional duck, but this will take it to a whole new level.

It’s not like we will be done once the sidewalk and the bonus room are finished. There is still the little matter of the basement. Oh, the basement. DH is very concerned that the holiday decorating will turn an already disorganized mess into something so horrifying they haven’t come up with a word for it yet. I can’t blame him. If the half-ass way I dealt with the Halloween decorations is an indication of how I’ll deal with the Christmas debris, he has good reason to be worried.

Well, I’m off to watch the Twilight marathon (since I will not get a chance to see the new one or Skyfall before they disappear from theaters). Yes, I am that dorky.







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