Christmas Time Shorts

Throw it...
  • Sorry, no Christmas Countdown this year. I’m sure you’re all heartbroken.
  • Finished the first draft of the Christmas letter. I ran it past the DH and got a solid “meh”. He thinks it is not up to my usual standard..said I sounded tired. Well, I am tired, dammit. But now I’m all in my head so I have to start over.
  • Squeeze the people you love a little tighter tonight. Got bad news and it always makes me worry I’m taking my time with the people I love for granted. No one ever said “I wish I hadn’t told my kids I love them so often”.
  • The DH had a taste for Indian food tonight, which meant either a 35 mile drive to Grand Rapids, or me making it. We are trying our hands at Tikka Masala. You probably won’t hear about it unless its a complete train wreck. I need to get my Indian cooking up to speed because the boys down the street have a honest to goodness wood fire pizza oven that they said they wanted to try and make naan in. Gotta have something to eat it with…right? (Just finished it…my second “meh” today. It was good, just not really Tikka Masala.)
  • I ruined Christmas. Don’t ask me how because I’ve only had the courage to tell three people, so great is my shame.
  • My neighbor hosted a Christmas dinner and since I was feeling festive I dressed up, curled my hair ( gasp! ) wore make up and generally tried to not look like I was taking the kids to the bus stop. My neighbor actually did a double take. I can’t decide if normally looking like hell makes it more impressive when you put some effort into it, or if I should think about upping my all-around game.

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