Greenish Acres

Well, I’ve blown the whole “blogging every week” thing in spectacular fashion.

Its hard to write when there is so much left undone around the house. Normally I can look past a pile of laundry and find the time to jot down a few ideas. But the deep down structural stuff that needs to get done here is overwhelming. I actually dusted the walls today. Yes, the interior walls of the house. After all the dry wall work in the bonus room the whole house was coated in a fine layer of dust. That included the walls.

Another chore accomplished today was heeling in the fruit trees the DH got for me this Christmas. They are bare root trees, which means that you don’t have to plant them right now, just keep the roots from drying out. This also means that we must remember to dig them up and plant them right when Spring hits. Otherwise they will be too close to each other and our garage. Of course, the way this winter is going, they might start budding next week.

The way I rattled off “heeling in”, you might be thinking that I am some kind of gardening expert. Don’t be fooled: I didn’t know what it was until bare root trees showed up on my doorstep in December. My first thought was “what kind of Mickey Mouse nursery sends trees in DECEMBER?” But before I fired off an angry email, I looked on line and found that this was not so uncommon, and I should just calm down and get them in the ground.

This, of course, means that I am now consumed with thoughts of the garden we are hoping to have next year. Since there is nothing but sand until you reach the Earth’s core on our lot, we will probably start with a lot of raised beds and veggies in containers. Everyone has an opinion on what we should grow. O man is a big fan of cucumbers and the idea of growing our own sunflower seeds. The Rookie is obsessed with growing carrots. J doesn’t seem to care, as long as he gets to help build the chicken coop with the DH.

Yes, I said chickens. Much to the dismay of our neighbors across the street, we are planning on raising egg layers next year. We’ve done a little research ( is a great resource), and think that we can pull it off. Of course, if it doesn’t turn out the way we hope, there is always the DH’s grilled chicken recipe…

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