Good Omens

Woke up this morning to this at the bus stop


So I’m thinking I’m in for a good day.

J hits the field for the first time tonight. But I figured I’d go ahead and share some snapshots of O Man and The Rookie.

Here is The Rookie:


The Rookie's First Tackle

The Rookie’s First Tackle
(on the right with his knee down)

Here is O Man



I still can’t get over how simultaneously grown up and little they look in their uniforms. They get to play on the super-fancy high school field, which makes the whole thing seem so  “official”. There was music during the game breaks, and someone announcing the plays -though often the announcements would go something like this:  “Ball carried by Fennville #1, John Smith. Brought down by a tribe of Indians.”, which would always make me giggle.

Can’t wait for J’s big home opener tonight.

Go Indians!

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