For My Sons

There are many things I hope to teach you as you grow into young men. I’d like for you to enter adulthood knowing how to do your own laundry, how to cook a few staples, and how to clean a bathroom. (I joke that I am drafting letters of apology to your future spouses…but I really am)

Something I say that I’m sure you are sick of hearing is that in life, you can only control your own actions and how you react to the actions of others (insert eye roll here). I realize that you will make mistakes on your way to being men. I wish I could protect you from yourselves, but part of your journey is falling down and learning to get back up.

To help you not fall as often, I wanted to share a few thoughts I had today while listening to a discussion about bullying:

  • Making someone feel small does not make you big.
  • Making someone feel weak does not make you strong.
  • Making someone feel stupid does not make you smart.
  • Making someone feel ugly does not make you handsome.
  • What makes you special is who you are, not what someone else is not.

I’m sure people have said this more eloquently, but think of it this way…do you want to be the guy people are happier to see when he enters a room, or when he leaves it?

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