1. I have been married for over 15 years. 

2. I cry every time I see the end of “Rudy”.

3. I don’t like cake. Love to decorate them, hate to eat them.

4. I have never seen “The Godfather”, though I know I should.

5. I have lived through a wildfire (Alaska), a blizzard (Chicago), a monsoon (India), a typhoon and an earthquake (Hong Kong). I would prefer to not add any more to the list.

6. I go to the archery range and the gun range.

7. Per #6, though I grew up a suburban girl, I am really a redneck.

8. I love my in-laws. Really.

9. I’ve lived without seasons, and it is much harder to remember when things happen when you look back. 

10. I know more about sports than my husband.

11. There is no beach I would rather go to than Grandma’s.

12. I love to think up stories and figure out how to make them work. Not so much in love with the actual writing, however. It’s much harder.

13. I’ve been as far North as the Arctic Circle and as far South as Queenstown (New Zealand).

14. I hate to fly.

15. I grew up in the most fuctional family I know of (thanks Mom and Dad).

16. I watch WAY too much tv, and not the educational stuff on Discovery or PBS…no it’s all the crappy stuff like Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway and The Biggest Loser. 

17. I love Star Wars.

18. I can be a horribly sarcastic bi#@&.

19. I swear a lot.

20. Hello, my name is Sarah, and I am addicted to fountain Diet Coke…

21. Having three sons has made my life as crazy as I could have ever imagined and I love it.

22. My dream vacation is riding horses into the woods to camp and go fly-fishing.

23. I own a 1956 Ford F250 pick up truck (and one day it will run, dammit!)

24. I can kill any houseplant. Seriously, challange me. I even have a plastic plant that looks like it has wilted and died!

25. I go a little wonky when I hear that someone actually paid for a dog instead of adopting one.

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