So… apparently good looks, extreme talent, and gobs of money can’t make you smart.

Right, Tiger?

Let me clue you in on something…the kind of women that throw themselves at you?  You know, the leggy, busty women at the clubs and bars?  They all know you are married.  They know that you have small children.  And yet, they want to sleep with you.  So you shouldn’t be surprised that when the shit hits the fan…they are willing to talk to everyone and anyone about your extra marital activities.  After all, these aren’t women with strong moral compasses at the best of times.

You see, they sleep with you to make themselves feel important, so they can tell their friends that they slept with you.  No offence, but I don’t think it has anything to do with you as a person.

Imagine how good they feel about themselves when EVERYONE knows you had an affair with them.    Throw some paparazzi and $ for interviews into the picture, and they are going to go all the way.

So, a smart man would keep in his pants.  Granted, it must be hard to say no when someone is throwing themselves at you.  No one said fame was easy.  No one said marriage is easy either.  But if you were really smart, you would realize that there is no way someone wouldn’t talk eventually.  You would have enough respect for your wife not to embarrass her like this.  You would have enough pride and shame to make sure your kids won’t have to read someday about how you cheated on their mother.

But then, good looks, extreme talent, and gobs of money can’t make you smart.

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