Does Anyone Have $2.50 in Quarters I Could Borrow?

The title is a private joke.  Some day I will tell you all about it.

I think a good time was had by all at the party on Saturday.  I got wasted due to the fact that I ate nothing but breakfast that day.  Surely I said something offensive or angered someone.  So far no one has come forward, so it must not have been too bad.

The house turned out well.

I boarded up the door

Put out the Demon Dog House (the boy’s idea), and got ready for the guests to arrive.  While working on the interior, my friends with a competing party managed to get this:

into my yard.  I love it so much I have already carefully stored it away for next year.

Inside I lit, let me rephrase…Shaggy and Fred, lit all 3,000 candles and I ran classic silent horror flicks on the flat screen.  There were colored drinks, pumpkin ale, and tons of sangria and whatnot to go around.  A certain someone had to drink Old Style out of a Wrigley Field cup to make up for ruining the Project Runway finale, but everyone else seemed to enjoy the libations.  I also made a cake (’cause that’s what I do)

There was a chocolate pie with gummy worms in it, deviled eggs with brown centers, blood spatter red velvet cupcakes, and all other kinds of goodies.  I forgot to take a picture of the mummy pork loin, but my sister is planning on making a Baby-Jesus-in-Swaddling-Clothes one for Christmas, so there was no point (hers will be better).

The real stars of the evening were all of my friends in their costumes.  I can’t thank everyone enough for going all out in that department.  I guess we’re all just kids at heart.

And I would have gotten away with it too...

Feel the Burn (Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda)

The Ice Witch

Pirates, Witches and Chilean Miners, Oh My!

Mardi Gras Madness

Note the Red Vampire eyes...spooky

This is where Melissa (in her Junior High Cheerleader costume - b*tch) showed me that my shirt is see through in flash photographs. Thank God for press-on boobs and Photoshop.

Sister Mary Expecting wearing the press-on boobs.

I am still giggling…  I couldn’t post a picture of everyone in costume.  There was also a cat herder, a sixties mod girl, Beetlejuice, a Star Trek officer, a 50’s housewife, a Grim Reaper, and the list goes on and on…

My head hit the pillow at about 2am, and I managed to get most of the house cleaned up through my morning-after haze before the boys returned from the campout.

Some of the recycling

I had so much fun.  People say I throw a good party.  I simply reply that it’s easy because I always have great guests.  Thanks again everyone!

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