Warriors Ho!

Alright.  I have found my race for 2011.  You all must do it with me.

It is the Warrior Dash.  And if you are into crawling through mud under barbed wire, enjoy climbing over cargo nets, can’t wait to walk a plank over a gully or leap through a wall of fire…this is the race for you.

Participants get a fuzzy viking helmet, a t shirt, a medal and a free beer coupon.  Yes, a free beer.  Oh baby.  There are awards for top finishers, best costume, and best beard.

You get to pick what wave you go off in…and none of them are at six in the morning.

Please, please, please run this race with me!  We can all sign up together and be in the same wave!  Then we can feast on turkey legs while listening to the free band.


1 thought on “Warriors Ho!

  1. Just talked to Debbie W. this morning and she said she
    signed up with you. My husband and I are doing it, but the Sept 17
    & 18th in Wisconsin version.

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