Warrior Obstacle Two

Alright, 16 weeks to go.  Here is the low down on obstacle number two:  Lumber Jacked.

No, I don’t think this involves hijacking logging trucks at gunpoint.  I do think it involves going either over or under a series of strategically placed logs, whichever seems less likely to kill you.

The experts don’t have much to say on this one.  I guess it isn’t that hard to figure out.  You need to build up those quads.  That means jumping…stand still in front of something VERY STABLE.  Jump up on it. As that gets easier, find something higher and SUPER STABLE to jump onto. Continue like that until you reach Jordan-esque heights. Squats are good, but a lot of people have a deep hatred for those, so maybe jumping up onto something REALLY STABLE would be more palatable to them. Push ups would also help, but I hate push ups with all the fire of a thousand volcanos, so I won’t be doing them (unless Kristin, the Wonder Trainer, makes me).

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