A Girl Scout Scorned

Interesting article today, about two Girl Scouts kicking some ass…here’s the background:

A troupe of Girl Scouts were selling those delicious little slices of heaven they call cookie at a local Walmart near Houston. You know, where they set up a long table and tempt you into buying more of those delectable calorie bombs than you really should. Anyway, someone comes up and grabs the money and takes off in a getaway car. Two of the older girls chased after the robbers, one hanging onto the door as they drove away, punching a robber in the face. They couldn’t get the license number because the despicable cads had covered the plate.

The first question you may ask is “What kind of low-life piece of shit steals from the Girl Scouts?” Answer: if you are a person that is willing to steal, why would it make a difference? The cookie stand is a cash business, outside the confines of store walls, easy as pie. I’m sure they get robbed all the time. This instance got national attention because of the actions of the Scouts manning the table. Which brings me to the real question:

“What the f*ck were those girls thinking?!?!?!” The one girl hung onto the car while they drove away. WHAT? Do these girls have any idea what kind of danger they put themselves in, for $200! What if they had grabbed her and pulled her into the car? What if she had gotten hit by a car in the lot not aware of what was going on? What if they had punched her back, and she had fallen off the car onto the pavement? All over $200?!?  

We live in an area where bike robbery is an occasional fact of life. Something I constantly try to beat into the Terrors is that I could give a flying crap about their stupid bikes. If someone is threatening you for it, let them have it. Who cares? Yes, it is outrageous and makes your blood boil that someone should take something unearned from another human being, I get that. But there is nothing on this Earth worth more than the person being threatened. No matter how much you want to chase them down and go all Chuck Norris on them, you are not Chuck Norris!

True, the one girl landed what must have been a very satisfying punch, but what if the man had gotten out of the car? Doubt she would have had what it took to take down a full grown man. Of course, no one is really thinking in these situations…you are too pumped up on adrenaline to do much more than react, but goodness gracious I would KILL my boys if they reacted like that. 

I can appreciate this being the kind of story that gets a lot of press: David vs Goliath, Girl Scout vs Low-Life, Good vs Evil, but I really wouldn’t want the Terrors to hear about this and hold it up as what they should do in a similar situation. Call me a coward…

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