A New Obsession

I realize that if this blog had a more narrow focus, it might make more sense. But seeing as how I can barely focus on getting dinner on the table, you get what you get.

Today you get stock.

I remember the first time I ventured into the soup aisle with “stock” on my shopping list. I ended up with a rather anemic looking liquid that cost a bit more than I was expecting. Sure it did the job, but there was little excitement in it. Not that most people get excited about stock, but then again, I am not like most people.

I have put the chicken carcass in a pot with veggie trimmings before. You end up with something darker and with much more flavor. Soon I was receiving all kinds of wonderful advice on how to make stock even better, like leaving the skins on the onions for deeper color. I freeze it all in one-cup batches to have on hand because the more I cook, the more the recipes call for a cup of chicken stock.

What moved me from casual to slightly obsessed was the appearance of a duck carcass in my household. We don’t often eat duck, and this time we had bought the whole thing just to harvest the breast meat. Staring at the poor, breastlest thing, I couldn’t bare to throw that much goodness away. However, I had no flipping idea how to cook the leftover parts of a duck. Then it hit me: stock.

There was no plan, but I went ahead and made the most beautifully fragrant stock ever. Mulling over what one could use such a rich stock for, it hit me like lightening…I would make risotto. If you ever have the occasion to have risotto made with duck stock and wild mushrooms, I HIGHLY recommend it. It was rich and amazing in a way I have never tasted before (and this was me cooking…ME)

So that led me to thinking, what other glorious types of stock could I make? I have made chicken, turkey, duck and shrimp so far. The last batch of chicken stock I made with the surplus water from making applesauce, some red onion, mizuna stalks and garlic. I can’t wait to use it to soften stuffing!

The DH, bless his heart, is getting me some beef soup bones while he is out today. He is a bit concerned that I might be compiling more stock than is reasonably possible to consume. In response I point to the shelves full of fishing and hunting supplies and say, “we all have our weaknesses”. Right now mine is stock. To make more space in the freezer, however, it will soon have to be canning.

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