Carol Hannah made pants, God bless her.

We suffered through the Finale, part 1.

This is the show where we see the designers at home bitching about how tired they are, and how they are pouring their hearts and souls into the collection, blah, blah, blah.  Get to the home visits already!

For the uninitiated, Tim Gunn makes a trip to every finalist’s house.  He offers advice, editorial and otherwise, and then spends some quality time with the friends and/or family of the visitee.  There is nothing better than watching him make biscuits, wearing the cutest apron!, with Carol Hannah’s Mom, or hanging with Althea’s family in Dayton Ohio.  Can you think of any other reason on Earth Tim Gunn would be caught dead in Ohio?  (love you Debbie)

Oddly enough, his visit with Irena’s family was the most uncomfortable for me to watch.  Something about her dynamic with her mom gave me the can’t quite sit stills.

So, the visit home is where they announce their inspirations.  Irena:  Coney Island (because when I think carnies, I think fashion).  Carol Hannah:  Duke University/Whimsy/Fairy Tales (uh, yeah, okay).  Althea:  Sci Fi movie costumes.  (Yeah, that will keep it from being costumey)

Irena as bitch continues, with her nasty yappy little dog (Princess, of course.  Because Irena is the Queen).  And she was being snarky as ever.  She wasn’t happy with Tim Gunn’s reaction.  I am sure she expected him to come in and exclaim “MAGNIFICENT!   Don’t change a thing.”  Instead she got constructive criticism, and a slap on the wrist in terms of her use of Coney Island copyrighted material.  She didn’t like Nina Garcia’s advice either.  Nina said that an all black collection, well, basically sucks.  Irena said that she disagreed, because color just didn’t fit into her collection and what she was doing.  Oh, I’m sorry, weren’t you doing a collection about Coney Island?  Isn’t Coney Island a flipping AMUSEMENT PARK!?  Last time I was at an amusement park the only black thing was the black hole made by the cash being sucked out of my wallet.

Then they all haul their butts and sacks of pretty dresses to New York to finish the last odds and ends, or in Irena’s case, make an entire dress,  for fashion week.  Here you get to see Tim really go after their weak items.  “I would get rid of that”  “Its so matronly.”  “I just don’t see the woman who buys this (holding pretty sweater) really wanting to buy this as well (holding up crazy person peter pan collared jacket).”  He gets to finally be ruthless.  It’s awesome.

Then comes Heidi…

No one wanted to see Heidi.  They were all kissing and hugging Tim Gunn.  “Love you!”

When Heidi walks into the workroom, they are all too frozen by panic to move from behind their tables.  She does look extremely scary.  I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley.  I have a feeling she knows how to use those stilettos…

And can someone please explain to me why the designers seemed so surprised when she announced that they were going to have to make a 13th look?  I knew that they would do that from the first show!  Don’t the people who try out for this show actually grumble grumble WATCH it!?!?!

Logan, Gordana and Christopher come back to help out with the 13th look, helping Althea, Irena, and Carol Hannah, respectively.  Irena instantly put Gordana to work finishing her entire collection.  And Logan and Christopher (good Lord, the boy is like a bad rash…you just can’t get rid of him), picked up their pom poms and began pumping up their designer’s self confidence.  And working a little on a pair of pants (yeah) for Althea and another gown for Carol Hannah (now there’s a shock!)

So now we will have to wait another week to see if Carol Hannah can pull her head out of the toilet long enough to attend her own fashion show.  And if she can’t, will Christopher do the intro?  Will Irena nice up enough to have anyone give a flying f@%& when she wins?  And will the editors be vindicated for suggesting that Althea is ripping off every idea Irena has?

Only one week to go!

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